Display Security Devices

Mewtech offer Security Anti-Theft Display Devices to help reduce shoplifting. Alarms and physical cable devices for professional security displays so you can display your laptops, Mobile phones, Cameras, notebooks and the new hybrid computers with confidence. Choose from an alarm option or a robust physical tethering solution. Different security options will suit different display environments and purposes. Ideal for retail, trade shows, exhibitions, pop up displays and conferences.

In addition to protecting your valuable display items, Mewtech’s security anti-theft devices can also help to create a sense of security and professionalism for your customers. By demonstrating that you take the security of your products seriously, you can foster trust and confidence in your business, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Our alarms and physical cable devices are easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing display setup, making it simple to enhance the security of your products without any hassle.

1. CENTurion


CENTurion is all-metal fuselage providing a high security solution for smart phones and tablets. Simple installation with integrated design removes the need for assembly. Low profile and optional display angle makes it more stable, flexible and improves visual experience.

  • All metal body, sensor and bracket to maximize resistance.
  • Quick and easy to install, no need to assemble.
  • Display angle options: 10 ° or 30 °
  • Resistant steel can endures 1000N pull force and shear force.
  • Provides sufficient power to big screen tablets and smart phones also when running full screen video

2. CENTry


SD205 using integration design, no assemble. Not only the security but also emphasize the merchandise. SD205 focus on customer experience. Use the most concise way to achieve better effect.

  • Flat surface or wall-mount installation
  • Low profile and nice exterior, high space utilization
  • High security protection with multi alarming technology
  • More easy to install
  • Hidden connector clip preventing false alarming by unexpectedly remove
  • Work with tablet bracket

3. CENTinel


SD202 have modular (&changeable) design fits for different stores and malls, easy to install and remove, minimize the repair and maintenance costs in any retail environment.

  • Extra acrylic bracket to support
  • Charging for tablet.
  • LED indication
  • Stand alone security
  • Display & protection & Charging
  • Easily mounts on any flat surface
  • Optional installation method
  • Work with bracket

  • Cell-phone
  • Electric Shaver
  • MP3
  • IPod
  • GPS

1. CENT-Elap


CENT-Elap provides physical security and alarm security which is designed for tablet- laptop, all in one device. Laptop trend is separable, CENT-Elap focus on this change. CENT-Elap not only to protect the laptop main part, but additional port as well which is suitable for various sensors to protect accessores.

  • Integration design, easy to use.
  • Alarm on merchandise security.
  • LED indicate system status clearly.
  • Cut resistant steel cable provides maximum 160 lbs of pull force.
  • 360 degree rotation.



Beetles have two versions: SD106 &SD106-00. Beetle Tag SD106 which can be used as either a traditional tag or with various cables. It can also trigger EAS system when a breach occurs. SD106-00 is setting and decoding with remote control.


  • Two ports
  • Compatible with different cables
  • Upgraded version of SD106 – 00 use remote control more convenient to use.
  • Adhesive mount
  • Easy to control; Easy to remove.


CENT-Elap is designed for laptop, the metal material provides physical security.

  • Easy to install and handle
  • Two mounting options
  • Super sticky removable adhesive can be placed and removed without any surface damage.
  • Special screw is connected to resistant steel cable to prevent it to be unscrewed easily.
  • PC
  • Big Box
  • cell-phone
  • MP3
  • IPod